Solar Powered Foldable USB Phone Charger


Solar Powered Foldable USB Phone Charger

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Solar Powered Foldable USB Phone Charger - Black
Solar Powered Foldable USB Phone Charger - Camouflage
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Stop Charging Your Backup Charger. This One Charges Itself! With Enough Backup Power To Charge a Phone Up To 3 Times, As Well As Being Water-Resistant. Be Ready & Keep Your Family Connected in Any Emergency & On Any Outdoor Trip!

Solar Powered Foldable
  • FAST & SMART CHARGING: Automatically recognizes your devices to provide the optimal charging current input and speed up the charging process to minimize charging time.
  • USB PORTS: Highest Speed Output: Equipped with dual smart identify USB output ports(5V 2.1A / 5V 1A), This power bank can charge 2 digital devices at the highest speed simultaneously.
  • HIGH CONVERSION RATE: Quality-built solar cells convert up to 20% of solar power to energy; conveniently charge your device during any outdoor activity you're involved in.
  • PORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT: Ultra-thin and foldable design makes it easy to carry and hold.
  • Waterproof & Durable: USB ports are protected by silicone cover, makes it rainproof and dustproof. This provides protection and a safety guarantee for your devices.

Available in 2 Colors


Solar Powered Foldable USB Phone Charger


Solar Powered Foldable USB Phone Charger

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Below are what other Customer are saying about Solar Powered Foldable USB Phone Charger
Just got this a couple weeks ago and took it out on a 3 day kayak/camping trip. Love how I could just strap it to the front of the kayak and let it charge. I was in and out of the sun all day, with a good amount of cloud coverage, and never seemed to have any issues getting fully charged. Once in the tent and ready to call it a day, I just connected my phone, and by morning, I was fully charged and ready to go
Johnson Moore
I got this charger to use in my frequent hospital stays so that I can keep my cell phone close by in sight and keep it charged for several days. This is a very good cell phone charger. It charges my phone in about 2-4 hours.. I keep it perched on my window and it stays charged that way. You can also change it with the included port cord adapter too. I love that we can harness natural energy from our sun for use in these products.
Michael taylor
We took this on our day hike @ the Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas. we have it hang on the back of the back pack during part of our hike. it was able to charge 3 phones & 2 tablet charged thought the day & with the 2.4A it was quick to charge the phone. The solar charger is build pretty tough, my son accidentally drop it while taking out of the backpack. it fell about 5ft & still work. Its a great & tough product.
Fred Masion

It’s High Capacity, Foldability, & Waterproof Solar Panels Are Designed For Any Outdoor Enthusiast!

Solar Powered Foldable USB Phone Charger

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